PPR Pipes


  • Residential cold and hot water system
  • Underground heating system
  • Conveyor of industrial water and chemical materials
  • Sanitary and pure water pipelines
  • Hot water recycling system
  • Compressed air pipelines
  • Drink manufacturing and conveying system
  • Other industrial and agricultural pipelines


  • Extremely long life, 50 yr, service life
  • Leak proof & Frost proof.
  • Non-delayed & non-deforming
  • Temperature resistance (800 C )
  • Heat preservation and energy saving.
  • No calcification.
  • Unique and un-rivaled jointing technique with lifetime security.
  • Low lying time & cost.
  • Convenient & reliable installation.
  • Good chemical resistance
  • No reaction with salts & acids.
  • Taste & odor-neutral.
  • Eco-friendly-recyclable.
  • Easy to weld
  • Fast installation
  • Installation without scrap
  • Low costs
  • At 20°C it stands up to PN25
  • 50 years of service life is guaranteed
  • Can be used at 95°C
  • No corrosion
  • No decrease in diameter due to reactions with minerals
  • Does not contaminate drinking water with corrosion
  • No crack formation due to ice under 0°C
  • Depending on its elastic structure can be installed easily in hard positions
  • Could be carried easily because of its weight being 18th of its metal substitute
  • Enables to load trucks more and creates savings in terms of cost